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Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet tool used in most organizations. Very few people know that we can automate our daily tasks in Excel using Excel Macros, code your macro using VBA (Visual Basic for Application); it is noticed that most training institutes are teaching some basics of VB (Visual Basic) instead of VBA. And when students start actually working, they are not capable to perform. So, don't compare it with VB (Visual Basic) both have different purposes and coding concepts.

Excel is used by all employees working in any corporation, and people have good knowledge and command over the Excel Functions, but still they feel their job is not secure, why? Because they are doing just the regular job and have no creativity in their jobs and tasks. Managements like people who have good command over the applications and also can do something different to save cost and time. Only those people survive for a long those having creativity in their field. Excel is a very smart and creativity tool, you can do a lot with its functions. Automate your process can help to save time and cost as well. Your performance in the organization will be highter itself then others.

Our classroom trainings provide you the opportunity to interact with the instructors face to face, the best part of this is answer your questions on time and you can boost your ability faster. We concentrate on personlized and project based training. As well you understand the basic concepts of VBA functions, we help you to create your own projects, used in your organization. Is not this best that you can do your project during your learning and you can concentrate on your genuine requirement, So that you will never fail to present and project. Practical experiences are always required for any of the professional trainings. Demonstrations also help people to get their questions answers quickly.

Our classrooms are equipped with the advance learning tools. That can help people to learn quickly and we have all the course in practical term, so that will help you to play well on board.

Benefits for students

Properly structured, group projects can reinforce skills that are relevant to both group and individual work, including the ability to:

Break complex tasks into parts and steps
Refine understanding through discussion and explanation
Give and receive feedback on performance
Develop stronger communication skills.

Group projects can also help students develop skills specific to collaborative efforts, allowing students to...

Tackle more complex problems than they could on their own.
Delegate roles and responsibilities.
Pool knowledge and skills.
Receive support and encouragement to take bigger projects.
Develop new approaches to resolving differences.
Establish a shared identity with other group members.
Find effective peers to emulate.

Group studies can really help students to be at their top form. Each other do and get motivated and can develop there skills faster.

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