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Why Employee training?

Today's world is full of variety of skills, specialization is required according to your employee's knowledge and course of job, but when it comes on board, we like to hire some multi talented people. But when it comes to the cost, we stop.
Being the part of Senior management. What do you think when you have been asked for employee training program. Do you think this will increase the capabilities of employees and their performance. Every manager know how team's different capabilities and knowledge play a big role in the growth of the organization. Do you like to stop and start looking to hire a new person at any point just because your IT team is not able to calculate some complex calculations in Excel or they haven't designed any required template or they are not capable to do so.

Blended Learning Technology

Blended learning for corporate training is not only cost effective, but it is also a more natural way to learn and work at the same time and return will be far exceeds the monetary spends. You can train your whole team almost same cost of one different talented hiring, which is not a regular requirement of your team.
If you need just one word to describe using blended learning for corporate training, that is “flexibility”. Combining traditional with online training will allow you to have complete control over how, when, and where you want to train your employees, in order to help them develop their skill sets and thus boost their work performance. A blended learning strategy can benefit your employees, as a variety of learning approaches can stimulate their interest and increase their engagement, and has also been proven to increase their productivity levels and you can empower employees to become active participants in your company’s success.

We at ExcelYourVBA

We deliver hands-on interactive training for MS Office Suite applications in depth.

Your staff will have the opportunity to practice common and special functions, able to create Template those can smoothen process and save time and cost, error free calculations when you have Different Templates for different purposes. Your Team will handle complex matters even you have hired new people on the board, this will also shorten your internal training time and again will save cost. With us you will have all training material with practice worksheets and receive support materials and have contact information if questions arise after the sessions. We are flexible with our program development and can adjust content to the best possible instruction for your staff.


We at consider your individual needs important and have flexible scheduling and courses to meet those needs.

You will learn the most important computer skills employers seek in today’s job market: How to organize data, formatting data, complex calculations in easy methods, manage spreadsheets and much more.

We deliver easy methods of learning and developing new skills using a blended-learning model. We use a combination of self-directed learning, video-tutorials/e-learning, e-conferencing and instructional sessions offered by our expert instructors.

In addition, the Employability Skills Module is delivered through one-on-one training sessions as well as through professional workshop sessions. Additional follow-up support is provided through our Career and Employment Services to those who require it.

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