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Excel VBA or popularly known as Excel Macros is an incredibly powerful tool sitting on our computers which is never explored. VBA Macros has the potential to change the course of your career and make you the most sought after person in office.

"I myself being a finance profession would like share an example where I automated a tedious and complex work paper which saved me more than 40 hours of painful glaring into the laptop screen and no one in office was interested to take up this monthly activity. This activity involved analyzing 800 plus rows of data for each entity and we had more than 280 entities so you can understand how bad the things can get. I decided to spend few hours coding the logic using the excel macros to automate the task, this was the time well spent and I made excel do the things that was done manually which involved looking at the value in each cell and then passing the journal entry depending the cell value. In this situation I just built the logic and Excel followed the same logic again and again till the time the code is repeated for all the entities without worrying even if I have many more entities or rows of data to analyze. I have coded and designed many more projects like this to save cost and time."

So I would like to say for any job where majority of tasks are performed in Excel it is crucial to learn Excel macro coding as this will take your career to new heights.

We are professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of coding the VBA Macros and can help you learn and master this skill. We have a personalized and project based training methodology where we will train you to automate your excel tasks specific to your needs, this way you will gain practical knowledge without wasting time.

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